Scheduled games will still be played if temperature is up to including 32C

Take two water breaks at each half if temperature is above 32C during practices and games

Cancel the practice and game if temperature is 37C and above with humid index according to the weather network.

Coaches will be informed by 4:00 p.m. through Facebook or by email. If the games are canceled due to the hot weather conditions.

Parents are encouraged to bring sufficient water for their children.

It is the parents' discretion to keep their child at home if they feel that there is a health risk to their child.

Soccer games are played in the rain!

If the club receives a notice from the city of London that fields are closed due to weather conditions, it will be posted on website by 5:30 pm. Please keep in mind sometimes it is not possible to post these notices in time.

Parents can decide whether their children should participate in games in the rain. In some parts of London, it might be raining but in other parts of London, it may be sunny and bright. Please practice common sense regarding weather conditions.

Cancelled games will not be rescheduled.