Why is a House League Program so Important?

A House League program is a very important program to any sports organization whether it is soccer, baseball or hockey. Children’s early years in sports should be a fun and memorable experience. Their skills develop more fully in this type of environment.

“Fun is not standing in line waiting for your brief turn at an activity. Fun is being actively involved. Fun means freedom from negative criticism and harassment. Fun means that we all count as part of the team. Fun means that we play the game fairly, not to bend the rules or break them to gain an advantage. Fun means having a sense of satisfaction that what you are involved in is gratifying and worthwhile.” (From the Sports Alliance of Ontario)

The Kensal Park Club has been providing a House League Program to the community since 1979. We believe that:

· each child have equal playing time during games

· each child should be taught soccer skills in a positive, caring and fun atmosphere

· parents should be involved in their child’s development

· children are encouraged to play with their friends and make new friends on their team

· children should play for the enjoyment of the game

Children develop physically and mentally at different stages. Children at age 6 – 8 are motivated by fun and often dislike competition at this early age. By age 8 – 10, children begin to understand the importance of rules. They are learning to develop their skills and winning or losing is not the most important part of the game. Around the age of 12, children are becoming more competitive and winning begins to become more important.

The Kensal Park Soccer Club encourages house league participation in the early years. Children placed on teams that are beyond their developmental stage, frustrates the player, their peers and their parents. As the child matures, they will be ready to move into a more competitive environment. Many children, who have played in our house league or other house league programs in London, are playing at the competitive level.

The Kensal Park Club is always looking for way to improve our program. We want our parents to be a part of the team whether it is through coaching, managing or being on the side-lines encouraging the players to do their best and have “fun”.

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