• Have fun, learn, make friends, improve your skills and do your  best.                     
  • Remember you are a part of team and cheer all good plays.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.   
  • Play for your enjoyment.    
  • "Losing" is a part of game.        
  • Any abuse, including verbal, will not be tolerated


  • Never ridicule child for making a mistake on the field. 
  • Children should play for their enjoyment. 
  • Always set a good example of fair play.   
  • Show appreciation for volunteers, coaches and officials.    
  • Applaud all "good  Play" 
  • Try to understand the game and learn about the rules.     
  • Never undermine the coaches or officials in front of the players
  • Volunteer your service to the club or your team whenever you can.
  • Remember that aggressive behavior can lead to violence.
  • Help to eliminate all violence and abuse from children's sports.
  • Remember referees are empowered to eject abusive players, parents, coaches and spectators.